The Winery will be CLOSED today, Sept 12, 2017. Open tomorrow and back to regular schedule.

Ask about our BIG, Big, BIG BON FIRE October 21st.

Thank you for visiting Carousel Winery.  Open Monday – Sat. 10 am – 6 pm,                                                                                                             Sunday –   Noon – 5 pm

Don’t hesitate to call for directions as the map published with this website is not correct. 812-849-1005 or 812-277-9750

Hi, This is Marion and Sue – We apologize for the lack of communication we have had over the last few months. We still do not have an email we can access. Hoping any day now to get that straightened out. If you have tried to contact us and received no response, it is because we did not get the email. If you have visited any of our pages and have been asked to submit your personal information, please do not respond. Carousel Winery is not receiving your information.  Please call us direct – 812-849-1005 or 812-277-9750 (my personal cell). Both have messaging capabilities. So sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you – certainly has inconvenienced us!

Visit our Event Page – that has been posted directly from Carousel. Still have a few tickets left for our Corn and Wine Celebration  Aug 5th – All the Corn you can eat while relaxing on our new patio. Call for tickets today. 812-277-9750.

This website is still under construction. Thanks for your patience.

Hope to see you soon – looking forward to your visit.

Cheers from Carousel Winery,

Marion and Sue