Dry White:

Pinot Gri- Refreshing delicate notes of citrus. A great addition to your seafood menu.

Dry Reds:

Sangiovese- A beautiful Old-World dry red.  This wine has lots of layers.  This robust, young red begs for a steak!

Cab Franc- This 2015 vintage has more depth than most Cab Francs.  Luscious aroma and tannins that make you take notice! Note – 2/18: This Wine has finally developed the premium characteristics I knew were hiding in it and it is scrumptious!!!

Semi Dry/Sweet:

Traminette- Indiana’s wine!  This wine has summer written all over it with a bouquet of peaches and hint of lime. Note 2/18: Coming soon

Riesling- Our finest example of what happens when magic takes place in the fermention.  One taste and you’ll understand what is meant by “perfect balance.”

Lady Luck- Her wine is devine and she hopes you win GOLD, just as she has.

Sweet Wines:

White Dove White- A perfect blend of sweet white wines with a smooth taste. The Dove is a symbol of Love and Peace. A ‘Must’ for a Wedding Wine.

Red Tiger Red- The NEW FAVORITE SWEET RED – CUSTOMERS CLAIMS, NOT OURS.  One taste and you will know why the venerable grape has dominated the are of wine making for centuries.

Fruits Wines: Our Fruit wines are made with 100% fruit, so you will experience a little tartness – as though you just picked the fresh fruit off the tree or vine.

Blackberry – So delicious and in such demand. It doesn’t last long so hurry and get yours.  When the pampered designer berry meets the roughed naturalist the chemistry goes off the charts. Savor the PURRRFECT blend.

Blueberry – You’ll go very berry EILD over this fruity wine.  It’s like dessert in a glass filled with Temptations.

Cherry – Just like Mom’s Cherry Pie. The tartness of the Montmorency Cherry is so refreshing and great with Ham or Bar-B-Que Ribs.

Pomegranate- Some say the Pomegranate is the “Fruit of the Gods;” an unusually delicious wine.


Watermelon-  This exclusive fruit wine is made only once per year.  When it’s gone, its gone until next season.  Serve with frozen watermelon cubes in the glass. Sorry, gone for this year. Watch for June 2018 release.

Carousel Exclusives:

Shadow Dog Port- Temp. out

Winter Spice- A red wine enhanced with cloves, cinnamon and orange.  Serve warm for a special evening treat.